Very First Action Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

The first post of Single Hook was dated on 5th of March, 2017 and there has been 35 posts(with extra 4 drafts to be published) since then. It was quite a long time ago I started off seriously logging my fishing experiences and I am more or less pleased with the way the things around evolved. It looks simple and steady to me…

However, I have been also seeking for a different touch in sense of presentation. Therefore, from this moment on, the main focus will be drifted to contain more visual elements like casting footages, underwater scenes etc.¬†For this sake, probably for months, I have been searching for an action camera for my fishing purposes and during the time I went through almost each and every model in the market, which has been totally a painful period of shopping(as usual for me). Thank God it ended… With the GoPro Hero 4 Silver…



The essential reason behind this choice is shooting quality by 3840 x 2160 video resolution with 4K support and ”non-existent” image stabilization. Within a certain budget frame, Hero 4 serves the best image processing quality among the others I viewed, literally viewing all ”Hero 4 vs … ” YouTube videos. By the way, it costed me 750 TL(140$) with original package accessories and a micro SD.

So this is another maneuver in the journey that will hopefully direct towards something good.

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