Urban Fishing: Scorpionfish

Urban fishing is a style executed in -as its name asserts- nonrural areas like city centers, canals etc. Being defined by means of simplicity and easy fun, it does not require much effort to cast for your target since you are not supposed to get that far. Plus, the feeling of being integrated into the society while fishing, is a remarkable asset as well; whereas, for example, freshwater fishing  seems to be an escape to nature itself to breathe. This is absolutely a dichotomy for human nature! Both are essential.

My town, Istanbul -which Bosphorus¬†passes through and splits in two continents- , is such a great place for urban fishing. Bosphorus is the gateway for several species (such as bluefish, seabass…) between Marmara/Aegean Sea and Black Sea. Long shorelines along Bosphorus having lots of piers and rocky areas provide all an angler needs for a quick session.



Adil and I have not been able to meet for quite some time. So before the Eid, we thought we had better spend a common time and cast additionally. Meeting up before sunset, we headed towards the first spot that I personally know very well. Targets are scorpionfish, mackerel and less possibly sargo.

Beginning with small soft lures, strikes were felt by the start and we literally launched the session…





The place is actually a walk way therefore passers sometimes pay attention on what we are doing, especially when an interesting looking fish -like scorpionfish- is caught. Some nicely warning us that they are poisonous, some asking about which fish they are… So half chatting, half casting, we were pulling one after another… Particularly with darkness, they got so aggressive that even giant lures and hooks could not stop them. This insane level of courage of these excellent ambush predators can simply amaze anyone.


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About two hours, despite no mackerel (small ones are swimming) or other species bit the lures, we caught countless of scorpionfish ranging from tiny bits to 30+ cm fatties. Then, we sat at a kiosk for a snack & tea and a talk (on not only fishing but life in general) more importantly. Oppurtunites to chat with fishing friends should not be missed because we have limited time to talk while casting and further not focusing on the chat itself.

Around 10 PM, he left as he has an early flight the next day and I stayed on the coast for a couple of hours more. The remaining part was basically the same with scorpionfish. Trophy-sized were source of excitement.




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