The Expedition: Topwater Blast!

The theme of the sixth episode had already been determined on the way back of the fifth: New fishing spots! Four of them were marked on Maps and The Expeditionists set off from the night for Thrace…

As dawn was welcoming us, we reached the first place which is known to be a zander and perch point. Suddenly, we saw some splashes on the water while we were still on the car. I suppose none of us now exactly remembers how the time between recognizing the action and casting passed due to an irresistible excitement. Those moments which tying a clip takes a year for one, so to speak… As I immediately got to the waterside, I realized perches having a feast! So to test the aggressiveness, I started with a mini popper.


Storm Gomoku Popper GPO40F Glow Candy with Decoy Micro Game Assist DJ-91 S


They accepted poppers, soft and vibration lures as their breakfast and we caught numerous perches as the result…





We did not want to spend the whole morningtide on just one spot, therefore left there for the second not being too late. Finding the entrance way to the waterside here was a bit forcing, though. Despite it is definitely a time wasting, you had better realize once again: This is the expedition! Further, the expedition never ends in a lot of senses. You can not and shall not know what to face next.

According to the ones who were already casting there, there are catfish, carp and zander in the lake. Although this news was a bit disappointing(no pikes and perches being), we started to cast whatsoever… There were heavy rocks buried into sand ground of the water. So, it made sense to throw some topwater lures around the rocks just to check again whether some aggressive species swims around. Of the very first casts, I had an unexpected chub of a relatively small size. Not so much after, Onur caught a similar one, too. This being his first chub ever was a double pleasure for sure. However, no more action happened within nearly two hours, thus we decided to end the morning part and leave for some rest and lunch time as sun was going to ray vertically on us soon.



Meanwhile on the way through the villages, it was observed that the season is also of an importance for another species’ life cycle: Dogs… Saw dozens of dogs feeding their lovely puppies. Some outgoing following our car, some barking to the loudest for family protection… I, personally, admire every aspect of nature that directly makes me feel its existence.



On the way towards the third spot, we stopped by at the center, had a tea break and bought some supply for barbecue lunch.

Crispy bread newly off the bakery, impatiently broken pieces by me


Since I was literally sleepless from the night, just after arriving the third place and had a few trial casts, I had a short snooze in the car while the others were setting the fire on. Feeling pretty rested after the nap, we had the barbecue at last! By the way, as forecasted for 3 PM, rain showed up as drizzle causing no headache for the moment and our trials ended up with nothing serious, albeit some rare signs of fish.



In order not to miss eventide fishing, we drove to the last spot in which there had been pike, perch and zander reports before. During all the way in, rain reached almost ”cats and dogs” level. Unhappy with the weather for sure, we finally got to the spot. Overviewing the territory, the lake looked so nice with comfortable and desired casting points where there were grown enough reeds especially for pikes to lurk and a beautiful surrounding forest. Not only for fishing but also for having a spare time in nature, here was like a love at first sight.



While rain was slowing down again, I might have broken a record of the fastest cast right after getting off the car (approximately 10 seconds). So hopes were alive! But most parts of the water were almost fully covered with weeds, thus the only solution was topwater play. Off I started WTD and popping action… We were throwing lures near the reeds, hoping for a hungry pike to respond. Primarily, Adil had a powerful attack with a shallow diver lure (which he insisted on) but could not hook up the fish, unluckily. This moment raised the mood up and we kept on action.



I was WTD-ing Ima Pugachev’s Cobra and for a lucky moment, my friends were watching the lure as well. As it was swimming next to the reeds, I both saw and felt the big strike. A big splash! Huh… I fought for a minute while it was forcing my 1000-sized reel’s drag a little and I hardly landed it because the leader broke off just as it was getting off the water touch. Fortunately, all was over and the fat beauty of nearly 55 cm-length was in my hands. Damn blast! Posing for a quick shot, I released it into where it belongs to…




Ima Pugachev’s Cobra PC90-007 with Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #1


Topwater game, in particular WTD action, is a whole different animal. The main reason that this catch amazed me so much was definetely this fact, I feel… A follow, increasing heartbeats, taken breaths and a sudden strike… Nothing can buy this!

Moreover, each clear hook up with singles pleases me for the obvious cause. This was the sixth trip in a row (as an experiment) and I have been glad with single pluggers’ work versus trebles’ so far. There is long way ahead to observe, though.

Other than the fat baby for the evening, no fish were caught in spite of a couple of pike strikes. Yet, as we could not venture getting stucked in mud, there also left some more beautiful points of the lake to visit. Here was undoubtedly written down in ”to-go” list.

All respecting nature shall meet its beauty…




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