Too Many Perches!

[I am gradually getting afraid to miss writing the last session’s report while a new article for Oltacı is waiting for me to be edited as well… Things continuously rush my current busy routine but I must push the energy to do all and have this post done in a midnight hour right now.]

Last week in Friday again, we had an enjoyable freshwater session which was also unforgettable in a specific sense; namely the number of fish… It was kind of a repetition of the week before therefore I shall stress only the different parts…

We had learnt our lesson to suit up the long waders this time and for most of the time we were in the cold water desperately trying to reach an ”impossible” point that we suppose the best as if ”harder always gets better”.

Early morning were showing no pikes but several perches instead…


DAM-Effzett Longhorn 9 cm (Pumpkin II) + Decoy Magic Shot VJ-39 #2 3.5 g + Decoy Light Game Clips SN-8


Around 10 am, as I was insisting for a pike with WTD action, a decent size stroke the lure and I could land her on the shallow shore for a shot.




But the bad news was that it was harmed deadly on the gills in spite of single pluggers… So after a long time, I had to keep the beautiful trophy(60 cm in certain) and could not release it back…  That being an upset especially for me, the session continued with lots of other fish which were also caught by my new toys:



Daiwa Hydro Hand 10 cm (Rainy Goby)






Then, we moved onto the other spot that was checked and had no results beforehand early in the morning. This place became an absolute blast for the perches like never seen before! At a very particular point, we caught nearly a hundred(no exaggerations!) of them in total from all sizes… The madness level was so high that I challenged myself to hook one with each of my lures, whereas Adil threw a particular one continually: Ecogear ZX35… He also pulled a pike, too…




Ecogear ZX30 (Coral Shrimp)



Rapala Ultra Light Minnow (no colors!)



Towards the end of the day, I managed to hook one last big pike where there were lots of weeds around thus the fish was stuck among them. By the comfort of my waders, I could reach, let free and securely have it in the net.




The day was thoroughly positive, albeit the sad moment… It seems the next episode will appear on the Republic Day when three of us(Adil, Bahriye and I) have the day off…


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