The White Friday

This season, Fridays will be one of my off-days, which provides a nice coincidence as Adil has the same off-day. So after a long period of time, we planned a freshwater session for the near spots last week although the weather forecast was strong breeze and light rain with little probability. The worst case scenario would be having a chat and drinking tea in the nature in front of the lake’s scenery. No matter whatsoever!

We met in pitch dark and headed towards the first place by a short drive. Renewing the leaders and putting waders on made the right time to cast… As I know the spot in great detail, I put some advices on where to cast and which sort of lures to throw etc. By the way, the water level is gradually decreasing towards the winter season thus I should get into the water to cover more surface, especially along the weeds.

WTD action is always my first weapon to begin a pike session. Not surprisingly, one of the early casts made a sizable pike grab the lure, which had also caught the trophy size a few weeks ago. Adil helped taking some quick shots (and a video as I was spooling!) and I released it back to the water right after the measurement: 57 cm. Nice…





Despite the first fish was absolutely¬†a boost for the start, I can not recall the proper order of the rest because we literally could not keep tally for such many fish in the whole day! Anyways, we both hooked here roughly 3-4 fish for each, including a perch of a notable size. I humbly think that he did deserve that perch after taking all possible risks to get snagged by casting ”dangerous” areas. Yes, that kind of person, unlike me…


A wounded 30 cm perch for Daiwa Duckfin Shad 9 cm (Burning Perch)






Moreover, Adil hooked another pike that was perhaps as big as the first one in the morning and we watched it jumped out of the water and fought hard even. The view was quite enjoyable till the unfortunate moment when the braid just broke off and had him lost the fish with the lure in its mouth. Frustrating!

Meanwhile, the weather was not disturbing as expected; it was being calm and still indeed. Within nearly 3 hours, we already accomplished the mission of having joy. Yet, I suggested another potential spot that I have been wondering about just to discover and check whether it was promising for fishing or not… And arrived there…

The place in total account was simply pleasing and beautiful; in Adil’s words: ”Like out of a Tarkovsky movie…” Plus, there were different casting point options for all angles in case of high winds. In fact, the wind got stronger here after the midday hour.

We settled down on a place and immediately began casting. The water was rather shallow again albeit not an extreme level. I was dog-walking on the blurred muddy water and saw a couple of strikes initially. Therefore, I yelled at Adil about the good news. Not so much later, the fish started to show up on our hooks one and after… What a gladsome feeling to catch fish in the very first try of a spot! Perches and pikes, from tiny to decent sizes… I had better present the photo stream avoiding any digressions for each fish:


The nature itself is savage for sure…


Savage Gear Cannibal 8 cm 5 g + Decoy Magic Shot VJ-39 #2 3.5 g


Tea break with chat is priceless…


Adil’s gear


Mepps Aglia #0 Hot Chartreuse + Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #8




Adding the second spot to account, I suppose we caught about 15 fish in total, which has been the best freshwater score ever for us. Around 3 pm, the wind became a serious storm that forced us to call the day.

But one last thing to record was Adil once again had trouble with line breakage here that was a result of him being dilatory to wash his reel and braid, particularly after saltwater use. So this was a calamity and should be a lesson for forthcoming sessions.

Forthcoming session? It must be this Friday!

P.S. Video shall be private for this time.



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