The Squid

During the semester break for a couple of days, my wife and I are visiting (on now) the Aegean coast, specifically an ancient city whose harbor serves a nice environment for some inhabitants like seabass, bluefish, common dentex, bonito etc.



After an evening fishing session with no actions for the first day, I was ready casting on the rocks for the morningtide the second day. The twilight came with splashes on the surface from some enormous fish… I would literally claim they were dolphins from the sizes and the sounds… But they were not! Definitely the craziest splash ever heard by me! Now I guess they were most likely huge tunas and I have no suitable gear nearby for them either. Hope they will not hit my lure within a few days!



Morningtide had the expected action. Various follows for WTD action, serious attacks and tight lines… Supposedly, all was seabass and/or leerfish… However, I could not hook any up, unfortunately…

While doing a darting action on DUO Bay Ruf Manic 95, I felt the serious strike but strange enough, there was no fighting reaction from the catch. I spooled on carefully and faced the first ever squid of mine as a big surprise. Had it off the one single hook quickly, I released it back into water again. The full moon must be a factor aside.



Currently need to sleep for tomorrow morning expecting some worth-to-note moments will be lived…

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