The Philosophy Of Using Single Hooks

As José Ortega Y Gasset asserts in Meditations on Hunting:

[…] Every authentic refinement must leave intact the authenticity of the hunt, its essential structure, which is a matter of a confrontation between two unequal species. The real care that man must exercise is not in pretending to make the beast equal to him, because that is a stupid utopia, a beautiful farce, but rather in avoiding more and more the excess of his superiority. Hunting is the free play of an inferior species in the face of a superior species. That is where one must make some refinement. Man must give the animal a ”handicap”, in order to place him as close as to his own level, without pretending an illusory equivalence which, even if it were possible, would annihilate ipso facto the very reality of the hunt. Strictly speaking, the essence of sportive hunting is not raising the animal to the level of man, but something much more spiritual than that: a conscious and almost religious humbling of man which limits his superiority and lowers him toward the animal. […]



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