The Expedition: Torrid Morning

Before all sets off for summer vacation, two of The Expeditionists -Onur and I- took the last chance for an expedition to Thrace again while Adil unfortunately missed his plane and was late to join…

Because of the torrid weather, we planned the trip lasting only for morning time and met so early accordingly that we were by the lake (where the last trip had ended) in pitch dark. So what to do for waiting for dawn to appear? Had the breakfast, tied the leaders, set the gear on and were ready to rock and roll…



Eagerly throwing ourselves by the water despite mosquitos, we began casting in and out… There were lots of splashes on the surface here and there. Good signs… Hence, this is a beautiful lively lake with no question!



We threw mostly topwater lures over 3 hours from different spots and caught 4 perches including a decent sized that Onur had and 2 baby pikes in total. Of course, several follows and strikes ended negative as well… Nevertheless, there was no expected big pikes that we were heavily after.


Onur using trebles





Considering getting close to run out of the morning session, we directed towards three new spots of which the two are completely new and the one we already knew. The aim was to discover around and cast a few times more when it seems positive. The overall result was one very rich looking lake, one seeming hopeless and a big topwater pike strike (that ended with the fish went among the weeds and escaped) in our familiar spot. Therefore, the account was not that bad.



That meanwhile the temperature was measured 46°C at midday was an alert to roll as quickly as possible. So we packed and drove to home with some weird sunburns on our skins.

The next adventure will take place in whole Aegean Region in vacation…



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