The Expedition: The Euphoria

Now revisiting the first episode of this season, I see it took two-and-a-half months to come back for the second. Having finished another intensive season of my job, there was no barrier for keeping up The Expedition series live. As I storied in a post here before, we have been planning to buy a new car which is supposed to help for our fishing travels in particular… And finally, I am contented to note that we have bought an SUV and this is its very first fishing adventure…



Summertime in north hemisphere has early dawns that force morningtide lovers almost not to sleep for fishing journeys. Luckily, I had two hours of sleep whereas Bahriye had none. So, she hardly got off the bed and then we could set off and picked Adil on the road for Thrace freshwaters.

The weather was dry, calm with no serious wind and the temperature was around seasonal normal meaning all were suitable for a session. Unlike the last time, we reached the spot in pitch-dark and had an unconstrained time for having breakfast in the car as well.




Meanwhile, the sun showed its rays from the horizon alerting that we need to step up for casting. Just as I was slowly getting nearer towards the shore, we heard and barely saw a pike -that must have been resting and lurking- in the shallow got disturbed and swam further splashing water. This was definitely adrenaline boosting from the beginning. We were observing splashes and movements on the surface that had been absent in the first expedition in April. On the other hand, the amount of actions observed was measurably less than the last year’s in the same season. I still do not know the exact reason(s) but a fair guess might be hunting pressure from more anglers (I would like to be false!). Surprisingly, there was almost no actions for topwater lures. Not much later, I changed the spot that I started casting and left Adil alone and played with some bantam soft lures on the bottom. Then I caught a couple of baby perches in a row and released them back into the water.




Not only we were waiting for the prey…


When they stopped striking my lures, I once again shifted to another point which was super-shallow. You can use just a few of the lures in your box in such cases. I grabbed one of them and started throwing amongst the reed. Whoops! Felt the nice pull that did excite and I shouted to Adil that I got it! Jumping out of the water and exhibiting a relatively strong fight against me, it landed right next to me on the shore. It was an admirably pretty pike…


DUO Terrif DC-9 Bullet (Tequila Halo) with Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #4


An hour or so after the pike, I hooked another perch which was clearly bigger than the previous ones of the early morning. It surely believed my pike imitating lure was indeed a baby pike and therefore an easy prey for breakfast. However, the fact was different!


Daiwa Duckfin Shad 6 cm with Cultiva JH82R 3.5 gr #8


Unfortunately, Adil was being quiet so far and thus we decided to move onto another shore of the same lake as Bahriye was still sleeping in the car around 8 am. Just a couple of casts sufficed for us to be convinced that there was no hopes on here. Therefore we drove to a different spot that had been checked many times before (Bahriye had the driver seat for sake of practicing, as an aside note…).



By the way, the temperature was gradually forcing our stamina towards midday hours… So it was time to give up casting… Hah! Not that of course! That can not be a joke even! We pushed all the way in the second spot as well. And Adil -I think with his  second cast- had a strike and took a nice pike out that was hooked by a shallow jerkbait.



Within a 4-hour session in the second lake, I caught two little pikes and a perch thanks to a pink-colored no-name mini popper. When there is high risk to get your lure snagged and your target is of a fearless character like pike and perch, these cheap type of baits deserve to be popped. All the fish here were hooked from a particular corner that includes lots of weeds and almost no current in the water thus there is no better choice for fish to lurk!







Spending a bit of time for resting here, we decided to pass to another spot which was not specified at the moment. Some options were discussed for eventide session and there was a serious hesitation among us. The final decision was to go back where we started the day off, namely the first spot…

Except some snacks in between, 9 hours passed by the breakfast. Plus, the fact that there were a few hours more for the evening part, now it was time to set the barbecue with a lovely lake view. Nevertheless, the place was fully covered with trash… Frustrating…




The final curtain… (Spoiler: This stage would prove a significant fact.)

There was a clear 2-hour span for ending the fishing and calling the day. So we all started to throw some guns not wasting a minute. As much as sunset was approaching, the water apparently became more dynamic with preys jumping off the surface escaping from their predators. We were right at the same exact point -within a 5 meter-long shore-  that I landed the first pike in the morning. The ones that were on the left and right side were trying hard to get their baits swum close to the weeds as possible as it went while the middler was firing some random casts.



All of a sudden, I felt a decent strike that was not a clear hook and thus slowly keeping the action on, we all saw the pike that followed and somewhat left the lure off (Terrif again) right in front of us. That surely increased the adrenaline level with lots of ”come on!”s… It could be observed that Adil was like ”all in” clipping one lure after another. He was reeling a huge crankbait that swims subsurface and I was watching the most exciting movie with full concentration. Right when it reached the pack of weed, a pike struck a couple of times and failed to slam the lure and we succeeded to be silent albeit some inevitable interjections, though. Thrilling! This process repeated a few times with different lures…




I believe in power of words yet I am afraid to find one to describe the feeling of joy tasted in those moments. Despite we did not hook a single fish in the evening, this part was the most favorable and worth-to-live moments of the day by far. Personally speaking, this is the kind of experience that I look for an expedition. The elements that make you feel you are solely integrated into the nature are my fundamental goals, or more precisely, are fundamental ways to reach the ultimate joy. Consequently, fishing is just a realization, a rationalization for that matter. Look how no fish with total euphoria is possible!













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