The Expedition: Saltwater (Finally!)

As mentioned in the previous post, there had been a strong intention of ours for a saltwater expedition after all of those freshwater expeditions. Warm waters allowing for giving chase to various rock species; bluefish migrating towards Marmara and Aegean Sea; seabass hanging around all year round… Hopes should be alive for an angler!

Despite it was a work on-day, we decided to spend a couple of hours of the night on the near coast (Adil was still busy, not joining). Two spots were agreed on and we arrived on the first within 15 minutes.



The spot is a fishing port whose water is pretty shallow and has a pebbly ground for some areas and sand for some others. This is surely a promising structure for fishing. We were both equipped with both spinning and LRF tackle for many species being a potential catch. As my attitude for years, unless my target is specific within spinning range, I mostly tend to grab my light tackle since I believe in the general motto:


More finesse you get, more fish you are at”.


Therefore, I started to throw a soft lure(worm) attached to a strong jighead (in case of powerful jawed heavy attackers).

Not so much after the first cast, I felt some was harassing the bait for a few seconds while it was jumping near the bottom. Keeping the action on, yes, a damn strong pull seriously forced almost all-off leveled drag of the reel. Giving no chance for fish to hide underneath a rock, I had it on surface and Onur scooped nicely. A big beautiful brown meager…


Decoy Chinu Head SV-30 5 gr #2 + Berkley Gulp Sandworm 5 cm Motor Oil



After a couple of shots, it was released back into the water with no harm. Meanwhile, 0.25 mm type of fluorocarbon leader (Sufix Super 21 FC) did its job perfectly and prevented a potential break off situation (then I saw the fuzziness on the line, huh!).

Casting an hour more from different points of the port, no other fish was caught though. And, drove to the second spot…

However, in spite of trying all possible lures during the session, the only action we met here was some mackerel strikes for tiny soft baits with #10 jighead, yet we could not have any out of of the water. Frankly speaking, it was a bit disappointing not to receive any serious action knowing that some decent-sized seabass were caught here for consecutive days.

The result was well (as always) and less than a 4-hour sleep followed by a work day…











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