The Expedition: S2E1

Having two weeks after the pike season opened, we finally had the opportunity to set off for The Expedition: Season 2, Episode 1… My wife (Bahriye, I shall put her name as she seems to join some future expeditions and so will be permanent subject) ¬†prepared cookies for breakfast, I had the equipment overhauled, Adil got his pack full… We were on the roads of Thrace again!



Even though, our arrival time on the water had always supposedly been dark before sunset, this time we were a bit late and could cast on daylight. It was surprising to see the way to reach lakeside was changed at first. A bridge had been builded over a canal towards the lake. Thank god it was not impossible to land properly, though. Adil started the very first casts of the season as I was still preparing stuff. And he suddenly said:

”Got it!”

Within not more than five casts, he landed a nice-sized walleye, which is actually his first ever… Funny enough that we were talking about whether we sufficiently know walleye behavior or not beforehand, which lures we should use etc. He had some quick photos with it and released back into water.



While we were still high-fiving for the fish, a group of more than ten fishermen landed the place right next to us. This definitely means that our lovely spot was damn burnt (since we know some of them)… That was unfortunate! But this is fishing issues and sometimes happens… I hope (yet do not think so) this will not cause too much damage for the spot. Hereby, to note for anyone interested in fishing (including me): One shall pay serious attention for keeping the health of his/her spots.

Then we moved forward along the shoreline… Around 7:15 am, Adil had the second catch, a lovely baby pike… Both of them were hooked on Usami Combo Pop 100F (Glow), which is a secret weapon for freshwater in shallow waters.



As the wind was increasing and I was having nothing but a strike to a soft lure, we thought we had better drive for a second possible spot. On the way, while the others were both sleeping like half-dead, I tried and failed to reach two spots because of mud. There was certainly not a way in unless you push with a 4×4. Then the third spot allowed a way for entrance and we spent more than two hours of midday. Here is famous for perches in particular; I had hooked a couple of them before. This time around was no different. My score was two and Adil’s was one perch. This catch was of some special importance as a job of spinners with single pluggers.


Mepps Aglia #4 (Firetiger) with Decoy Pluggin Single 27 #2


Scardinius erythrophthalmus



No other reactions from the water was observed afterwards and we returned to the spot that started the day off, hoping there was no crowd left around. By the way, we stopped by the town center for eating and was quite hard to find any open restaurants on Sunday.

Around 4 pm, once again on the first spot… The crowd at the morning disappeared thankfully. Meanwhile, the wind became stronger blowing from shore to open, which was a negative factor aside. In total, we casted for about two hours here again with no signs from the fish. Had a tea and relaxing on the grass break…




A local dessert made with flour, cheese and milk… Chilling…






As eventide session would be too late and tiring for that there was work to go the next day,  we called it a fishing day and gathered for the return with smiling -and tired- faces.



P.S. In this season, that the water level was still high provided less action especially on the surface. Future expeditions will presumably and gradually have more action…



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