The Expedition: S1E5

We, “The Expeditionists” (as the name of our message group), were back again on the dusty roads of Thrace, chasing after pikes and perchs but essentially some plain pleasure in the nature. This was the fifth time around, as the title claims… Places were mostly the same, some artificial lakes in Thrace.

This was a trip with no time wasting! Having the breakfast, tying the leaders and setting the gear on the way in the car, we were ready by the water early enough. Morningtide had three nice actions: The first was that I caught a decent-sized(of the region average) perch with DUO Bay Ruf Manic 95. Speaking of which, it is one of the most unique lures of the market: Casts like a bullet, swims like a manic and has lots of actions in it and can target so many species this way. Thus, its effectiveness depends heavily on the user. (Feel like I will write a wholesome post about this lure that I met too lately in the near future.)



DUO Bay Ruf Manic 95 CCC0190 with Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #1


The second news was from Adil. Since he was out of sight and reach at the moment, he yelled out ”I got it!” both to share the moment and call for potential help. It was relatively a small pike with an Usami Combo Pop in its mouth. Indeed and sadly, trebles hurt its gills deadly and therefore could not be released back into the water. Honestly and humbly, I wish to see that anyone, who believes in catch and release attitude, use single hooks to minimize these kind of situations.



The last excitement was during the casts while we were just about to leave the spot. Onur was WTD-ing a lure near reeds as Adil and I were having the joy of watching. Suddenly, water was swelled by a pike, followed a couple of seconds, had us breathless and disappeared the lure in an instant. After some fighting in the water, unluckily, the fish dropped off just as he was to be taken out of water. All moments were great to share though.



After the morning session, we discovered some new spots, barbecued(of course) and had some relax time among the green and blue during the daytime.





Mud off time!


For eventide fishing, we reached a supposedly trustworthy spot (Here is where all fish of the previous expedition were caught). Except a pike Adil caught when he was away from us (Does he always catch when he is invisible!), we surprisingly had no action here, no follows even…



All in all, with the sunset, I felt the day was not a plentiful one in terms of number of fish; yet, it was again a big pace in experience and enjoyment means. So all good…




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