The Expedition: Freshwater At Night?

As this expedition resembles the previous ones in lots of senses, I had better put the post as brief as possible and rather state the differentiated parts.

The day before the expedition, there was a serious indecision on tripping freshwater and/or saltwater in our message group. Because, nowadays, there is also some good news from seabass from the near coast… I suppose, the total amount of action freshwater offers somehow overbore and since casting both places on a same trip would be too exhausting, saltwater option was omitted for this time. By the way, Adil has moved his home recently and he could not complete the trio on his business.

For sake of experimenting a new adventure, I personally insisted on nightwater fishing! Safety issue is not a big concern in particular since we know the area and the exact spots very well. Nevertheless, there was no such (shared) data in Turkey before. Although I read a couple of articles and picked some tips for pike-fishing at night, it was still a huge mystery beforehand.

Three hours after setting off, we reached the spot right when there was still more than an hour for dawn to show up. Almost pitch-black without the headlamps (of the car)! A dim light from a waning crescent moon was splitting two shades of black: One was of the surroundings, the darkest possible hue within the color scale; the other was of the water reflecting the moon, a little bit lighter black… And of course stars… A beautifully plain view to enjoy!

From the very beginning, we were hearing (and not seeing) the clear sounds of topwater splashes from the feeding fish (not being able to recognize if they are pike, perch, chub or else…). This news was nice before casting. However, as summer season marches forward, water level has been decreasing drastically and it is getting tougher to deal with weeds on the shore each and everyday. Therefore, topwater lures are the only weapon to use. And off we started casting…

Though non-stop ear-fulling splashes went on for darkness, no real bites were given for poppers and WTD-lures; it was still an enjoyable one hour. Then, as light was gradually increasing with dawn, real bites started to be observed. Feeding madness lasted for about four hours (or more, with the early night?) and we caught 3 -small-sized- pikes and 1 perch in total. The pikes stroke the poppers and the perch bit a WTD-lure (Xorus Patchinko 100).




Not spending the whole morning at the same place, we passed to the spot #2. Thanks to Google Maps Pro version, we scouted some new casting points on Maps at first, then discovered them in real. Unfortunately, that was not more than half an hour to cast properly; wind barely allowed us since then. Thus, we ended the session earlier than expected.

Yes, all was joy again (how could not it be!)… If all was about just watching pikes hunting their preys on the surface, it would worth not the less, surely. However, no trophy-sized pikes that we have been chasing after encountered this time, too.

Despite the frequency of future expeditions is expected to decrease due to my seasonal job, I will try to play around them whenever possible.



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