The Expedition: Chub Surprise

Due to our summer vacation breaks, we kind of missed the taste of freshwater expeditions. Everyone had been with their families and there it was time to burn some fuel and check out some of our lovely spots.

Adil was absent being abroad and Onur was in a work-day; so I decided to take my own shot at first, but -I suppose- Onur could not resist the feeling of joy and joined at the last moment, declining the work.

We were right by the water for morning time. The wind with a sufficient speed helped us to get rid of mosquitos and was still not a disturbing type for casting.



While I was right on to cast, Onur had some troubles with the braid, unluckily. Not so much after the start, having my shallow diver lure swum near the reeds, I hooked the first fish of the day, a medium-sized pike, as it was still twilight.




Actually, this catch is of some special value as it was the first fish of my Usami Combo Pop armed with singles.

During another two hours of casts, we had two pike strikes (one for each) for topwater and nothing else serious… They were rather weak bites though…

Not wasting the whole morningtide at the same area, we drove about 45 minutes towards to the second spot. Morning time was still on so were our hopes… Just after Onur shouted as I was away casting, I immediately got close and saw he caught a nice perch with a popper (which he snagged and lost later on).



However, there was not enough clear signs from fish in the water compared to the previous visits. Hence, scanning full possible shoreline, trying different lures and actions, we put all our gun on the table… And as I was checking the bottom water(weeds mostly disappeared this time) with a micro silicon minnow, I felt a decent strike supposing it was not a pike or perch bite at first… But then it came out it was! Spooled it trying to have it away from the rocks, I gripped(not with a grip!) a beautiful perch.


Cultiva Jighead 3.5 gr #8 + Hart Micro Fish P027


While the last shots were being made to the midday hour, I pulled another fish attached to my mini popper. Bite was among some weeds in extremely shallow water therefore I assumed it as a perch as usual. A few seconds later, the fish appeared on the surface and surprisingly it was a chub!



After all five visits to the lake, there had not been any clue for chub and now it was a bit of astonishment and highly a pleasure of course. From now on, we shall note down that target range is expanded for here. Why not some big chubs as well?

In fact, there was a shoal of fish (most probably chubs), feeding and so splashing on the surface right when I caught the last one. Despite throwing a couple of different lures into the midst of the shoal, no reaction was taken. This scene had never been observed here before. So it adds to the living value of the lake. Positive!





As planned for the day, we set off for back home at midday. On the way back, we scouted a pair of artificial lakes for future expeditions but they seemed not so promising unfortunately…


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