The Chub – Unexpected Again

This week I, by myself, have attempted to go out for a morning session in freshwater which is about 150 km away from home, but some couple of reasons restrained me from doing it. Then this morning, I targeted a nearer spot that can be considered as being in the heart of the city and thus reaching takes only 10 minutes drive. As knowers know here, the lake is not that rich in terms of fish population and range(pollution and hunting issues). Still, it is worth to cast for an easy relaxation.

The expectations were pike and perch therefore I threw some according lures with sun rising. No reactions for the first hour… Then I scanned a very shallow area with parallel casts to the shoreline. There were lots of forcing weeds by the way.



And I had a clear strike for a mini popper. At first, I thought it was a big perch but as it was pulling the line harder and the way it was forcing my drag was similar to a previous experience. Yes… A nice-sized chub! Today, I got sure of that chubs are the most powerful fish amongst I have ever caught. In particular, that big-headed thick body is a serious danger while you are unhooking.



The following hour showed two more chub reactions on surface, however they were not hooked. So I just ended the session. This has been a superb boost before my summer holiday. Let me see what it will also bring here…

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