Summertime Casts

For the last two weeks, my wife and I have been on summer vacation touring the Aegean coasts with a caravan. Istanbul being the initial point to Bodrum as the furthest… It has been a real pleasure in total account; yet I could hardly find favorable oppurtunities (times and spots) for fishing since we always need to stay at a camping point (I had thought this would not proceed that way beforehand…). Plus, there become lots of other duties you have to deal with when you are on camping (for the first time!) driving nearly 250 km per day. This is a short disclaimer for that is now not a sufficiently rich report for me for the vacation.

I caught some rock species though including ones which I can not meet in Istanbul coasts. The list goes with sea breams, sand steenbrases, Balistes capriscus(?), annular sea breams, salema, octopus and gobys…



A trophy-size sand steenbras that nicely forced the drag of my 1000-sized reel


Texas rig with 5 gr weight, Decoy KR-24 #2, Berkley Gulp Sandworm 5 cm Motor Oil color

The latter three are from her… She used a simple rig with a float, a small hook and paste bait:


Shimano Soare BB Ajing S704LS & Rapala Ultralight Minnow


Shimano Rarenium CI4+ 2500FB & Savage Gear Panic Prey V2 135 mm White Flash color


I was definetely looking forward to meet some bluefish/amberjack/sea bass trophies but… Let it be another time soon…

All has just been a joy…

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