Summer Is Coming…

As the weather is getting warmer day by day, water temperature is increasing accordingly that leads the fact LRF season has literally been opened! A national feast on the weekend created a two and a half work-off day was a big opportunity for an urban fishing session with light stuff. Main targets should be mackerel, blue fish, scorpionfish etc.

I spent two consecutive nights for a total of six hours fishing; the first one being on the rocks of the district where I lived for more than 25 years thus know each and every edge, and the second is the right midst of the Bosphorus.



It had been many months since I did my last LRF session in Istanbul (as seen as a post here). Therefore, I was absouletely craving for it! Temperature was around 20°C and the wind was pretty low… All is ok for a calm session at night… During two hours of casting on a kilometer-length shore, I caught a dozen of mackerels and had more than those which just dropped off on the way. Indeed, there was a stinger solution for more scoring; nevertheless, I personally do not like to use ”all” the weapons just to hook fish. This way feels like more of a challenge as well! Who cares about the score!


Sakuraline FC 0.12 mm, Fiiish Perfectlink Snap Light Size, Cultiva JH82R 3.5 gr #8, Marukyu Isome IS-02 Large




The next night, I met with my friend Adil who just bought a full pack of LRF setup and so was all ready to have fun! We spent almost four hours together casting and chatting at the same time. (There was also a light shower rain meanwhile…) The session unluckily ended up with only three scorpionfish and a mullet which just dived into a hard lure that I was targeting for blue fish.





Despite scanning all castable spots within a three kilometer shoreline, there was no other reaction at all, strange enough… In fact, most of the Bosphorus line are profitable for mackerel nowadays… But that was not where and when we were that night!

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