Spring Chub, Yet No Pikes! Maybe Bass?

Back in early Spring 2016, a friend of mine from Canakkale called me and my other friend for inviting us a fishing trip for a day and night. As the season offers both salt and freshwater oppurtunities, we both immediately and willingly accepted the call, got the packs ready and bought the first possible bus tickets from Istanbul. Moreover, I was to have the chance to meet my Facebook friend one-on-one; therefore, it was double pleasure for me.

After a 5-hour night trip, we arrived Canakkale at dawn. The plan was to meet as early as possible, have a quick breakfast and rent a car from the center to the waterside. Specific matters were discussed during the breakfast: Choosing the right lures, the spot to camp, chow for 2 days and so on…  We all agreed to spend the daytime on freshwater and the night on salt. And set off…

I drove the rent car for about 45 minutes to get to a sweet small village which a profitable fishing stream passes through. Before settling down for fishing, we bought some fresh eatings(like tomatoes, sausage, cheese, crispy bread etc.) from the market of the village.

The stream is a tranquil distributary of Mount Ida that joins the saltwater(our second spot) as well. It contains some habitants like northern pike, chub, mullet and even sea bass(no surprise for a gready predator to sneak into freshwater)! The primary target was big hungry pikes off breeding season. The water was pretty muddy and murky due to rain falls of last few days. Therefore, light colored and/or sharp, shiny lures had to be thrown. Tied the leaders on and we started off the spot on which our friend guides us to.

I was using a fairly light tackle(0.5 – 7 gr solid tip rod & 1000 sized reel) just to feel the upcoming adrenaline. Though, I had to stay with a relatively thick 0.28 mm fluorocarbon leader for pikes not to break off easily.  An hour or so was quiet with no sign. Off we kept walking by the stream, scanning the water and having the joy to be in nature…



Then a powerful strike to my friend (from Istanbul) woke all us up! After an exciting minute to fight with, an unexpected big chub was inside the net. A quick photo and video was taken and the big headed surprise was released into the water. The lure was a tiger painted hard pencil type.



Right after half an hour of the first catch, I got a huge strike, too. As my ultra light rod was stretching to become ”C”,  I slowly spooled with the adjusted drag and took the fish out. It was even bigger than the previous. Three happy faces looked at each other; one removing the hook off the fish, one taking photos and the other one yelling… By the way, it hit a dull white colored 10.5 cm pencil type hard bait. They must have been damn hungry back of the winter!



Suddenly among the bushes, a baby goat, who probably missed her mother and way, came nearby. We all paused casting and loved the outgoing cute baby. She supposed us her parents with no doubt and did not want to leave: Despite I left her far enough, she kept coming back (repeat x5). Fortunately, her owner (a peasant) then appeared and took her back to the family.



Spending 3-4 hours along the stream, hunger was felt and so we packed up gears and drove towards the coast (Thankfully, it is less than 5 minutes away from the stream). ”The guide” was directing the way in and introducing us the coastline. 10 minute walking on the sand, we reached the camping point. First to do was establishing a campfire which would initially cook the sausages and give warmth throughout the night later on.



Whilst taking bites of the sandwich, I set up my rod-reel-lure combination and began the very first casts of saltwater part and so did my friends. Canakkale has an offering sea in terms of fishing. In particular, the spot is well-known for giant sea bass, bluefish, leerfish and common dentex. The water is fairly shallow and mostly pebbly and has massive rocks buried into the sand. Meaning that predators tend to chase their prey here and around.




I kept casting the sunset time and had some decent bass follow ups for WTD action. However, there was no real bites and no fish from anyone. Thus, we saved our hopes for night and dawn water, getting a bit heartbroken frankly.  The weather was getting cold and the wind became more violent as darkness set down. Suitting up the waders, we eagerly got into the water for the action in pitch-black. Long after casting in-and-out for 2 hours, no fish seemed to look around. Meanwhile, bad news was that harsh waves got us literally soaked. Although our lovely campfire helped us manage the wetness for the moment, it gradually became tough to resist shivering.  To the midnight hour with wave sounds, we had nice and warm conversations, meals and drinks around the fire.




Dear guide friend needed to leave midnight and we said goodbye to him and thanked a lot for both his hospitality and guidance. Two of us, who were still soaked, decided to spend night in the car, turn the conditioner on, get dry as much as possible and sleep a few hours till morning.

Woke up pretty dry for dawn time fishing and started throwing lures on dark time. Of all 2 hour trials on different parts of the spot, we encountered none, though. As the result, we gathered the packs up and got ready for the return.

On the way back, despite our targets did not face us, we felt totally happy of the trip all in all and concluded to come back to Canakkale for a possible time ahead(we did indeed! Might be another post).

P.S. I was using treble hooks as well on the time of this report. From Autumn 2016 on, I strictly decided on single hooks on any lure, as can be seen on the name of this site.



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