Speaking Of The Biggest…

The new season contract of my job has come with a full two-day off per week allowing me to care my personal time in a better way. I have not been to a freshwater shore for fishing for more than two weeks due to some rainy periods. As Windy forecasted no rains and no disturbing winds for this morning, I was ready by the water for a morning session.

There was no-one around and less weeds compared to the last time providing more surface space to cast towards. The atmosphere was such still and peaceful as well… Because my whole setup is always ready back in the car, I started off without wasting any seconds. There are three different comfortable points of casting in the spot: I spent the first 15 minutes in one and passed onto the other after no reactions. The second was apparently more lively; some bait fish were desperately escaping on the surface.

I put a topwater lure that I bought recently for dog-walk action: Fujin Surface Minnow SF-90SW…


Fujin Surface Minnow SF-90SW – Color: 304 + Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #2


Not much after, I saw the -literally pleasing- wave back of the lure and the fish struck within an instant! A small lovely and daring pike of around 35-cm… Nice start!


The scars…


-By the way, I noticed I forgot to charge my phone at night and it had some little battery left, meaning it was unclear to reach at the end of the session.-

A couple of casts after the first pike, I had another follow while my lure was slowly dog-walking in front of the reeds in a super-shallow area. The lure was thrown up in the air by the sudden strike not hooking the fish initially. But I knew there would be a second chance… (Just imagine the excitement during that second time!) I casted the same point again and… Boom! A clear hook! It was seriously forcing my drag and rod… Hardly got the control for the minute! I was afraid that it would snag the hook to weeds and by the amount of force, I thought it was coming with some weeds along. Then 2-3 minutes later, I succeeded to pull it towards the shore and saw it was a beautiful trophy-sized pike! Despite it could not fit wholly in the net, I had it laid on the ground. Huh! With a couple of shots and a rough measurement (60 cm), I released my biggest catch back into the water… It felt like being over the moon those moments, which certainly healed my disappointment of my last failure.




Thankfully, my phone could record ”the record” although it died right afterwards. Perhaps, hooking and releasing two pikes exhausted that specific point and except a couple of follows more, there was no other action. Therefore, I moved to the third where I caught another pike of size about 40-cm with a soft lure yet could not capture a shot for the obvious reason.


Daiwa Duckfin Shad 6 cm (Spotted Mullet) + Decoy Plus Magic VJ-74 1.8 g #2


All in account, the morning was a total blast with lots of strikes and three hooked pikes including a personal best. No doubt that I returned fully charged back to home unlike my damn phone…



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