S3E1: The Opener (By Her!)

Now it seems that it has been two month since my last┬ápost(excluding the ones on my YouTube channel)… This seemingly dead period contained a couple of searches for sea bass in Thrace and a search for a new freshwater spot in Istanbul. Despite┬áno sea bass has shown up to strike for I could not match the right wind conditions in off-days, I discovered a pleasurable place with a natural lake side surrounded by a forest in which squirrels, hawks, woodpeckers and many others can be observed.




A squirrel


And the calendar hits April for another start in freshwater… Let us say the third season in the log hereby…

With a prepared chow from the night for the whole day, Bahriye and I set off for an-hour-drive way early morning. The road that is a bit of rough track passes through lots of villages, birdwatching points and mostly forests which are so beautifully viewable!





The temperature being around seasonal norms, it was hardly possible to have breakfast outside in dry-cold. No matter we did (with tea support)! The spot is such stunning that we already expected there would be people especially in weekends and there really were, albeit not that much bothering… Chatting with one of the fishermen there, he showed the pike which was just caught and added that ”We would not be wearing these coats if it was a rich period of pike fishing.” Taking the positive sign of fish into account, we began casting right after… Not much later, she shouted…

”I am on!”

A small but the first pike of the season!



Then, as no other actions followed the first, we packed up for an expedition around the lake at midday. I had been hearing some saying ”it is hard to find suitable shores for casting in the lake” and we personally proved this(at least for more than the half of the lake) by pushing up and downhills towards the water. Therefore, it was the best to go back, relax, have dinner and an evening fishing session by the first place. Oh, by the way, the lunch was a bread with spinach cooked in a wood-fired oven from a village passed through.



It was 6 pm: We would have at most two hours until sunset… I hurriedly lit the fire both to grill and get warm. The menu was fermented sausages with bread; peppers filled with a mixture of egg, cheese and garlic and pineapple as desert.



Nevertheless, trials towards pitch dark hours provided no results despite a couple of pike attacks(not to our lures) were seen on the surface. There is no doubt that we will spend lots of days around this environment in the season.


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