Personal ”Must-Have”s

Disclaimer: The following are highly on personal choices. So one must not tend to use it as guidance. I list here what I have been using steadily for years and I have not replaced with any equivalents. Meaning that, I love hundreds of other stuff as well while these are irreplaceable for quite some time.



  • Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

With its 8-fibered structure(7 HMPE fibers plus 1 GORE® Performance Fiber), Sufix 832 is one of the best line options around the market, in terms of price-performance ratio in particular. Overall speaking, it is super-stable in a lot of senses.

So-called hydrophobic structure provides braid not to absorb water and get sticky while being unspooled. Besides, its strength compared to its thickness is pretty preferable. I use 0.13mm with 8.2 kg/18lb strength type very confidently and have had no breaking off experience ever(no giants yet though!).

Another important asset is that, it hardly ever gets fuzzy. It keeps smoothness and linearity for even excessive use. Once I had the same braid on my reel for more than a year, steadily used indeed.

Plus, a significant qualification for a braid for a fisherman to have is knot strength and Sufix 832 is just outstanding at it, too. Have had no struggle on both clip(palomar) and leader(fg-knot) knots.

And yes… A big expectation is: No backlashes please? More than 4 years hanging with the braid, I have fortunately never had a backlash issue in any condition(a side factor is of course my nice spooling reel – Shimano Rarenium CI4+ 2500FB).

Knowing that it has a relatively hard(but not too!) structure, which goes for my taste in fact, Sufix 832 Advanced Superline fits almost perfectly for me all in all and can safely be offered as well.




  • Tackle House Vulture 120

Thrown like a rocket and that just rocks it!

First to note is that, despite being a moderate weight(18 gr) lure, Tackle House Vulture casts more than enough even in hell stormy weather. It can easily be said, it is the best -among I know- for this feature. I remember an occurrence while I was hardly standing up and trying to stay firm because of a wild storm blowing right towards me and it flew nearly 50 meters like a magic trick!

Likewise, thanks to the trademark belly lip, it clings to surface so tightly that you can keep on WTD action among harsh waves and rough winds like nothing is happening. Addition to that, this lip directly simplifies WTD action, which is also cool for a beginner. It has a unique escape action even in steady retrieve.

Main targets of the lure (around Aegean & Mediterranean) are sea bass, bluefish, amberjack and leerfish primarily. If I aim any of them, I throw my Vulture in any condition.

Very well named lure, last of all…




  • Decoy Round Snap SN-1 #000

Comparing to the equivalents according to my taste, Round Snap steps a few more ahead in the following senses: Nice rounded shape within 7 mm’s enables user to clip on and off pretty easily. This is a big deal when you are playing mm-length jighead and stuff… An incomparable feature is its 12-lb strength. While other LRF clips range from 3-lb(Daiwa F-Size) to 8-lb(Decoy Light Game Clips), Round Snap has been my favourite light weight clip.



  • Decoy Round Magic SV-52

Decoy Round Magic is by far my ultimate LRF piece that I have been using for years. What make it a must-have jighead for me have so many lines.

The separate reverse barb(”magic keeper”) succeeds well to stabilize soft lures and you do not need to fix lure within every few casts. That fish get bites of soft plastic and ruin the presentation is a very common problem in LRF and Round Magic minimizes this issue.

What is more, round shaped weight side works better for casting distance. For instance, the close friend Delta Magic fails to meet casting expectations compared to Round Magic (even though the difference can be measured with perhaps just a couple of inches, this might matter in a serious way for LRF deal).

Another upside is of course its deadly sharp hook. Even after countless uses, it keeps almost the same sharpness as at the beginning.

0.9 gr #8 size to 3.5 gr #4 size range allows you to fish almost any species ranging from tiny bit sized gobys to big sea basses. However, you should not target huge rock trophies or strong jawed killers(like big sea breams…) as Round Magic is not the best solution with hook strength criterion. For those cases, Decoy Chinu Head, which is well-known for its strength, is the way to go for me.




  • Berkley Gulp Sandworm 

First and last of all, it simply catches well-nigh any kind of fish in fact and in any way! Since menu of a random fish definitely includes worms, Gulp Sandworm can be a remedy for most of the targets. The Gulp section of my fishing portfolio contains various kinds like sea bass, bluefish, bream, sea bream, saddled sea bream, grouper, scorpion fish, needlefish, comber and painted comber, brown meagre, goby, mackerel, atherina, wrasse, mullet, red mullet, Atlantic stargazer, tub gurnard and so on… Especially, the 5 cm size model being a one tasty bite of appetizer draws so much attention.

To my experience, bloody and camo colors works better in dark whilst natural and white does it daytime. Nonetheless, there is not a strict line with correlation of color and daytime; I caught hundreds of fish with white as well. An extra important feature is, it is almost perfect in terms of stiffness. There are two sides you have to deal with in stiffness discussion: Plastic must be soft enough to have its own action and on the other hand it shall not be too soft that it loses its shape on the hook easily and quickly. I appreciate that Gulp Sandworm balances these two in a very serious way. You might be able to use the same successful plastic piece dozens of times. According to Berkley, the secret behind Gulp series is that they are water based soft lures and thus the scent and flavours contained within are water soluble. Therefore, scent dispersion is said to be 400 times that of other plastic baits. I can not know for sure where this 400 figure comes from but I do know that they are completely outcompete the market of plastic lures.

Besides all these, you can not ignore the fact that, like all Berkley products, Gulp Sandworm is an environment-friendly, almost entirely biodegradable lure and therefore does not waste the water at all.


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