Patching A Hole On Waders

Once I was casting in water with waders at pitch black night, a piece of sharp metal on a rock that is buried in the water tore my waders off suddenly. Freezing water penetrated through and I felt the cutting effect on my legs. But it was another story to post…

Here is how I simply get the waders done:



I decided to repair the hole by myself and searched for some patching kits for PVC material. Found an 18 TL-cost product, named ”Bison Repair Foil” for vinyl plastic (PVC =polyvinyl chloride), which also includes its own patch material.



So, cleaning up around the hole, I cut a disk shaped patch for both sides in and out which covers 1 cm² more than the hole.



After pressing the patch part with a heavy object(I used legs of a chair) a half day or so, it seemed ready to use. As the result, I use now even in fairly deep water with no sign of leak.


Problem solved



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