First Sharp Bites (Of The Season)

As one of my few possible urbane activities, I casted again for bluefish last night in Bosphorus whilst the water temperature was slowly decreasing to favorable level. Being an intensive worker, if it takes two weeks for me to cast a single night, I assume it is me lucky to have the time around.

Nearly two weeks ago, I had the very first bite of the season (to a soft lure) from bluefish just when my wife called me for an urgency and it was necessarily the end of the session. So that night was quite a disappointment for fishing…



Yesternight, I threw a lot of lures during a two-hour night fishing session. The fish were clearly alive and kicking, yet too small… Despite there were some real bites felt for jerkbaits, since they were rather small-sized, soft lures got the proper job. I caught three baby bluefish that I released back into water after some quick shots.




Unfortunate to say, these (as seen) are literally the sizes bought and sold in the market as the regulation permits for 18 cm bluefish. A complete nonsense and a long story!



Personally, I was surely pleased by the time I spent with the fish in shore; but globally, pained by the view people catching and putting even tiny sizes in their ponds.










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