Craving For Freshwater

Initially, I had better intend to claim the reason why there has not been a post over here for quite a long time: My current job fills a whole year except the summer season with an intensive tempo. Therefore, I occasionally have an opportunity to trip out for fishing throughout this ”dead” period. Plus, just because I do not own a personal car yet, even if there is a day-off suitable for fishing (by means of weather etc.), I need to rent one the day before the trip, meaning that it is pretty hard to decide and grab-and-go for a session. This is the disclaimer for me not being able to log frequently for Single Hook so far. I do feel obliged to put Single Hook is not a fad at all.

During the time I have been (at least seemed to be) out for Single Hook, I kept writing articles for a national fishing magazine, Oltacı. However, there was no time for their translation into my own log. Especially, I assume one of them, whose title is ”Proper Catch & Release Method”, must really be attached right here. All will be endeavoured in this summer holiday.

Meanwhile, freshwater season is coming! Pike season is opening on April 1, in particular. Personally, I plan to keep up the expedition series live this spring and summer as well. They will probably be joined by my wife and Adil most of the time. By the way, she also accompanied the very last expedition in December and we all enjoyed the total trip, albeit no serious reaction from the water.



A good and important news for the near future is that we are on the eve of buying our first new car. Of course, it is definitely going to be a lot easier to go out for fishing then: Whenever and wherever you’d like to set off! As we are looking forward to start off the season, April 1 fortunately coincides with Sunday when I am off for work. We might be casting like insane around these days….


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