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The pre-note to begin with shall be a confession about my forgivable absence here: I completed my military service of 20-days in July and spent another 20 days for vacation in August this summer and right from early September my seasonal job has begun. In fact, before all these, I (with my wife) had a freshwater session for a couple of days that took place in Thrace and its report is still to be written (coming soon!)…

In Spring, my wife and I had decided to tour Balkans by car as the plan for our summer holiday. The route was containing two countries and three stops (it would be too exhausting and not well-worth traveling if we had extended the region): Ohrid – Northern Macedonia, Thessaloniki and Porto Koufo – Greece. The last one is where all the story about fishing was recorded, as planned…



Ohrid was thoroughly a rest without a single cast and needs to be skipped for the post hereby. I did not get my setup off the car even once in Thessaloniki too, but I visited a fishing store (Kadoglou Fishing & Outdoor) for both having an enjoyable time and buying a topwater lure of a natural color in particular (as I missed one recently).


Fish of Lake Ohrid [1]

Fish of Lake Ohrid [2]

A micro sinking pencil from Ohrid




The kid lost in a toy store


The Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki


And Porto Koufo… It is a beautiful bay, located in Sithonia/Halkidiki region, that has a tiny strait which makes it a sort of big saltwater pool. – Such a closed area that the Germans operated here as a secure harbor in World War II – Therefore,  weather conditions have almost no act on this sheltered corner for fishing situations which is good news for a-week-visitor.

We booked a small and sweet village house (via



Every day, the lovely routine was mainly the same: Get up early enough, drive 2 minutes to the port, grab the setup and have the invaluable time (and do not forget to say ”Kalimera” to ones you see)! The port of Porto Koufo(the first ”port” is needless anyway) had a promising view as I was analyzing its online images and right when I first met the water, I felt it would most probably keep its promise. This is hard to explain and due to some experience, I can assert this sense of whether a water is promising or not is almost instinctive for a fisherman; I am glad to have that intrinsic ability of mine evolved. The primary target was sea bass on topwater bearing in mind anything could come up in such an unknown water for me.



The total adventure was a fair success: 7 consecutive morning-tide sessions and decent-sized sea bass of more than the number of days! Most of the time they were observed swimming as schools so it was all about a competition of who grabs the lure first! A lure-fisherman can not wish a better case! By the way, I used a light-spinning rod that had the essential jobs done but failed once at directing the hooked fish and I was left with the fish with the lure on its mouth stuck on the mooring line of a boat. There was no other choice than getting into the water to rescue the fish and the lure. All done well fortunately(with my GoPro on)!




Jatsui SW Zoro 9 cm 12 gr (Color: BK) + Shimano Rarenium CI4+ 2500FB


Ninety-percent of the time I worked on the water surface, yet spent some effort with jigs and diving lures as well. Perhaps the seasonal conditions did not serve much to enjoy in the deep(as a follower who knows the fishing environment in Porto Koufo asserted in the comment section of my related YouTube video)… Moreover, people were catching good number of sea bass with live-baits; dorado, needlefish, sea bream were also common.

A critical point worth to note is the fact that after a long period of time with a 100% catch & release attitude, I kept two of the fish for the dinner in this holiday feeling like reaching an important psychological threshold. Still well…



There is conclusion that I have been thinking as confirmed for a long time, which says one can not concentrate on both holiday and fishing duties at the same time, especially the trip is taken with the family. This trip completely invalidated this proposition in a nice way. Considering the untold holiday part was as marvelous as the fishing story, this summer has been nothing but a dream in my account.

Looking forward to see you again Porto Koufo,



Mount Athos




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