Bluefish (In December)

After the first bluefish post of the season, there has been three(or four?) more times that I (some with Adil) casted with the same target around the same spot. I had better present the total account so far in the post hereby…

First to note is the clear fact that the Sea of Marmara has been quite generous to the fishermen in this year’s bluefish season. Beginning from the late September, most parts of the Bosphorus has been rewarding all anglers(spinning anglers, live-bait users etc.) more or less with nice sizes. This is pretty interesting (and gladsome) to observe that bluefish population -at least- ”seems like” not in danger unlike the scene of the previous two years. The matter of interest being completely subject to marine biologists indeed(a real Bosphorus fisherman might guess the reason behind as well), we must be mindful of the reserves and the regulations and then better taste the joy of it. We personally did…

I always arrived at late late night (towards morning) hour on the spot -which is a pier for Bosphorus ferries- and ended the sessions around 9 am. I sometimes hooked a single, sometimes a dozen and happily never none! But the default situation was that the fish swimming rather deep water. Whenever they were accessible in shallow area, DUO’s Spearhead Ryuki did an extraordinary job(compared to the others around) with its flashy wobbling action and unique sardine color.



DUO Spearhead Ryuki 80S (Mazume Sardine) with Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #4


However, reaching deep and hooking at the same time became another level for us and it took a while to suggest a right solution, frankly speaking… Sinking minnows and jigs as first attempted were not that much successful on the issue whereas soft lure + jighead combinations and especially vibration lures opened a whole new door! The last session in particular, Adil and I caught seven for each and put them into our bags to bring home for the dinner. In fact, it has been years since the last time I decided to eat what I just caught! This is me breaking a psychological chain perhaps and the topic definitely needs a wholesome post on its own…



Then, vibrations lures literally went so viral on the shore and online that the old men, who used to fish in an old-school way, now throw vibration lures with different colors (some calling them ”vibrator”, haha!).


Traditional Bosphorus style



Shimano Waxwing 58 (Black Chrome) with Decoy Pluggin’ Single 27 #6



The hot tea -after a cold fishing night- is a dream!


It became a routine through the process to walk into the pair of fishing stores in the neighborhood right after a session and its breakfast. Once again, all work being done, we were chatting at the seats in front of the store the last Friday… A man, who seems keen on our fishing chat, joined the talk with a question and told me that he both follows my blog and knows me on Facebook mentioning his appreciation, so I replied him with my sincere gratitude and three of us shared an enjoyable fishing talk that concluded the last minutes of the last Friday joyfully.

P.S. Single pluggers have been gradually proving their own right on both freshwater and saltwater. Not even getting close to fail in comparison with trebles, they might perform better in lots of situations. Using them primarily for a nature-friendly attitude, I ended up succeeding not the less, which actually makes me proud of insisting on singles.




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