Altogether Piking

This was going to be the fourth freshwater trip of the season in Thrace, this time with my friend Adil (I had better mention his name for future posts as well)(I fished with him in Canakkale)… At the last moment, another friend of mine, Onur, messaged me and said he was eager to join us. This news seemed to be more enjoyable for everyone… Therefore, we met at dawn time the next morning and set off the road. The target was pike!

The first three experiences of the season determined the plan; the spots, where to rest and eat etc. After a few hours of driving and a quick breakfast, we reached the first spot which is the furthest from home. The plan was to scan the territory from the furthest to the nearest lake. Casting about an hour, no fish was caught! Plus, we were stucked in clay! Wasting nearly an hour in there and getting dirty as hell, it was obviously time to go and clean up for the second point.

The second is just like some part of heaven.





Having the barbecue lunch by the waterside, we started casting in and around where the thickets meet by the water and provide some shadow and calm areas for fish to lurk. Totally enjoyed the peaceful environment, yet met no pikes there at all!

The next stop was where the third trip had mostly taken place. Reaching towards the sunset time and so realizing only a couple of hours left to fish, everyone was trying hard and searching for the right gun in a rush.



By the way, Adil has recently had his professorship and I bought him a package of lures (surprise!) that I chose purposefully as a gift. That package contained a subsurface lure, Usami Combo Pop 100F which is proven to be a pike murderer.


Usami Combo Pop 100F (Glow)


Combo Pop suddenly became the cure as hopes were fading off. He caught four pikes of sizes 40-55 cm, almost in a row. I was so happy to help him catch his very first pikes at the first place and so was he. I caught three smaller pikes and two perches with soft lures where they were feeding almost in front of me, while Onur was with no luck to catch one. All fish caught were released…






As the sun was setting down and dark clouds were coming towards us, we pleasantly had our way back home at a rainy night, undoubtedly looking forward to have the next time around…


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