A Level Up For Freshwater: Frogging

We are constantly watching American bass and pike fishermen use topwater frogs in order to reach some ”untouchable” areas in the water where weeds, lily pads etc. cover all the surface where you just can not fish with lures other than frogs. Here, frogging can literally be counted as a subculture indeed. However in Europe, this technique is still not widely used, strange enough…

As a freshwater fisherman who often suffers from snagging lures to weeds, I decided to buy a frog supposing it will annihilate the problem. In fact, I returned a pike lure(Savage Gear Line Thru Pike), that was in my birthday gift, to its dealer back because it unfortunately exceeds my rod’s range and had the Daiwa D-Frog in exchange.


Daiwa D-Frog 6 cm 17 g (Green T)


Of its very first challenge, I was chasing pikes again in a lake nearby… ”Oh what a comfort to be able cast into weeds without even thinking! I absolutely tasted that option too late…”, I thought instantly… In just the same spot that I had hooked my biggest catch recently, that monster or its same size sibling struck my frog as it was swimming in frogging style(not dog walking). Not hooked up for the first! The second cast for it made the pull for five seconds or so but not hooked properly though… Then it disappeared… Well, maybe it is me who was faulty setting the hook since I am a newbie in frogging.

I might have found my favorite toy of freshwater scene whatsoever…

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